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We create sacred ceremonial self-mastery tools that may allow your consciousness to move into other dimensions.
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Joe is an artist and the creator of the Cielo Encantos Artes; he is an intuitive and energy healer and a student of the plant medicine path. He follows the tradition of being a paqo shaman and is dedicated to being of service to the greats being of nature, the cosmos, and the community. He has been initiated to alto masayok and completed the nine empowerment rites based on the tradition of the initiatory practices of the q’ero Shaman mystics of peru. Whilst in peru he had a download to begin creating high vibrational shamanic tools using crystal inclusions and sacred geometry, the products evolved into what they are today.

Joe continues to receive sacred guidance on how to optimize his creations in a way that better serves the energetic needs of this moment in our ascension. Joe is dedicated to his personal development and lives a conscious, nature-connected lifestyle. He works intuitively and with positive intention when creating.
Self-Mastery Instruments Designed For
Personal, Home And Business.
About Shaman Toolshop

Shaman Toolshop is dedicated to creating ‘Cielo Encantos Artes’, loosely defined this means ‘sky/heaven enchanted object’. To “enchant” an object is to fill it with energy for a specific purpose. The Cielo Encantos Artes are constructed with high vibrational sacred geometry and encapsulated crystalline grid layers. The Cielo Encantos Artes take on a life of their own; they embody and emit the energy of their unique theme; they serve as both transformational tools and strong protection due to their high vibrational nature.

The Andean tradition recognizes that everything is frequency, energy and a living being and carries ancient Akashic information. Through the principle of harmonic resonance when the user connects to the object, they can access information in the Akash to the same degree as the object resonates. When working with the object, the user may calibrate to the frequency of the Cielo Encantos Artes And is so able to elevate their own frequency, in this way the Cielo Encantos Artes may serve as a transformational tool and a means to self-mastery.

We Create Masterpieces For Your Intuitive Selection And Cardinal Upliftment Toward Accelerated Self-Mastery.
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