Illapa Chakana

- Plasma - Fire - Violeta -

The Illapa Chakana embodies high vibrational phosphorescent colours and is a world’s first!

Fire- Transmits The Frequency Of An Orange To Red Colour And Holds The Intention Of One Of The Five Elements Of All-Energy. Fire Is Strong Transmutation Energy Of Heat, Action, Emotion, Passion Of Ideas And Concepts.

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Plasma- Transmits The Frequency Of A Bluish To Green Colour And Holds The Intention Of The Fourth State Of Matter. The Human Body Is Capable Of A Biological Ionization Alchemical Process That Generates The Internal Plasma Light And Builds The Etheric Light Body Structure For The Higher Consciousness Bodies To Function.

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Violeta- Transmits The High Frequency Of The Violet Colour And Holds The Intention Of The Violet Flame. The Violet Flame Is The Intense Transformation Spiritual Energy That Accelerates Positive Change And Brings Heaven Closer To Earth.

R 1 333.33

The Chakana is a stepped cross shape constructed to a very precise and sacred geometric formula. The word Chakana is based on the Quechua word “chakay,” which means “acting as a bridge”.

The Chakana represents all five elements; in the north is air, the south is water, the east is fire and the west is earth. The center represents the fifth Element, the circle of life and the center of the Universe.

Illapa (in Quechua) means lightning and pronounced “ee-yaapa”.
The Illapa Chakana invokes powerful energetic protection, transformation and transmutation.
The powerful Illapa Chakana is encapsulated with 33 synergistic crystals. The number 33 is the
highest of the master numbers and symbolizes the highest spiritual consciousness attainable by
the human being.

Fire- transmits the frequency of an orange to red colour and holds the intention of one of the
five elements of all energy. Fire is Strong transmutation energy of heat, action, emotion, passion
of ideas and concepts.
Plasma- transmits the frequency of a Bluish to green colour and holds the intention of the
fourth state of matter. The human body is capable of a biological ionization alchemical process
that generates the internal Plasma light and builds the etheric Light body structure for the
higher consciousness bodies to function.
Violeta- transmits the high frequency of the violet colour and holds the intention of the violet
flame. The Violet Flame is the intense transformation spiritual energy that accelerates positive
change and brings heaven closer to earth.

The Ukhu Pacha or the sub conscious and inner world, the underworld, the dead as well as new life; the animal symbol is snake.

The Kay Pacha or normal consciousness, the perceptible present world where people, animals, and plants all inhabit; the animal symbol is puma.

The Hanan Pacha or the super conscious, the upper world, the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets and constellations; the animal symbol is condor.

in the north is air, the south is water, the east is fire and the
west is earth.

The center represents the fifth Element, the circle of life and the center of the Universe.

The Chakana ultimately connects you into 5th dimensional awareness, a frequency in which distortedperceptions cannot thrive

  • Munay – the ability to love,
  • Llankay – the ability to work or to take action and
  • Yachay – the ability to think or to gain wisdom.

1. Selenite- magnifies all surrounding crystals and unblocks stagnant energy.
2. Kyanite – cleanses your crystalline Chakana and aids in your clarity of thoughts.
3. Black Tourmaline- carries an extremely high-vibrational grounding and protective energy. It repels lower vibes and psychic debris.
4. Black Obsidian – A banishing stone for curses and attachments.
5. Ruby- Brings good fortune, increases life force energy and a shielding crystal.
6. Shungite- An ancient stone known as the stone of transformation. It shields against electromagnetic fields, restores balance and is a growth and transformation catalyst.
7. Apophyllite- Assists healing on a soul level, dissolves blockages, keeps a strong connection between your physical and spiritual self.
8. Jet- Draws out absorbed and internalized empath energy
9. Clear Quartz- Sets and programs the energy of your intention.
10. Amethyst- Is a Barrier against lower energies, geopathic stress and unhealthy environments.
11. Labradorite- Shields your heart chakra against Psychic attack
12. Staurolyte – Protects against unwanted or negative influences.
13. Fluorite- It assists to cloak your aura to avoid psychic attack.
14. Herkimer Diamond- A powerful amplifier of your spiritual energy
15. Copper- Intensifies and enhances the crystals energy.
16. Tin- It represents rejuvenation and regeneration. It has a connection to lightning bolts and is associated with the Planet Jupiter
17. Hematite- Is an Iron oxide associated to the Planet Mars. It is very strong grounding for the body and spirit.
18. Palo Santo or “holy wood “-Evokes protection, cleanses negative energy and brings in the good.
19. Red Garnet- A spiritual stone for Psychic protection. It is an energizing and regenerative crystal.
20. Lapis Lazuli- Blocks negative energy and is used to gain a closer connection to the Angelic realm.
21. Celestite- It brings harmony and balance, assists in finding and maintaining inner peace. Heightens divine intuition and brings peace and harmony into daily living.
22. Sugilite- Is a nurturing gemstone and offers release from worries. It promotes positive emotions, helps to relieve stress, establish peace of mind and emotional healing. It is a stone of forgiveness and instills the deep satisfaction of all-abiding freedom.
23. Kunzite- It is a stone of romantic love, self-love, communication of love when you are nervous, as well as for healing heartaches. It promoting humility and self-tolerance. It may strengthen the
human energy field; clear the aura, and clear negative energy from a room or environment.
24. Aquamarine- It is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. It has an affinity with sensitive people. It may invoke tolerance of others and overcomes judgmentalism, giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility.
25. Fulgurite- It embodies the power of lightning. It is a powerful high vibration stone for manifesting one’s visions through the power of prayer. A stone of purification, releasing habits which no longer serve. It assists to open and clear the psychic and intuitive senses in order to connect with Divine energy.
26. Moldavite- A really powerful metaphysical crystal known as the celestial ‘stone of transformation’ formed due to the impact of a meteorite with earth. It greatly enhances ones transformational process, puts you on the path to achieving your highest dreams and ambitions. It is used to resolve blockages and to re-balance the Heart Chakra, helping you to understand and connect clearly to your own needs and emotions.
27. Gibeon Meteorite- Gibeon is over 4 billion years old. This meteorite holds the energy of the warrior, and it keeps you protected. This extraterrestrial mineral is good to have when you +channel Star Being’s as it filters out malevolent visitors.
28. Carnelian- Assists you to overcome negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs. Carnelian restores vitality, motivation, stimulates creativity, gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success.
29. Aegirine- is named after the Teutonic god of the sea, Aegir, and was given when the first specimens of the mineral where discovered in Norway. It is an extremely powerful crystal for banishing negative energies and entities. It acts to concentrate the positive energy in a group and to interact with all who are present, providing vitality, mental stimulation and unifying the group effort. Aegirine is a calming, centering and grounding stone for the whole Auric Field. It also assists to remove negative Kundalini cords and energies. Aegirine carries the energies of enlightened action, karmic understanding and spiritual commitment.
30. Moonstone- a stone of new beginnings that is strongly connected to the moon. It powerfully calms the emotions, makes conscious the unconscious, enhancing psychic abilities by developing clairvoyance and intuition.
31. Peridot- is a stone of protection that assists to clear negative emotions from the mind and a strong energizing effect, stimulating the entire body.
32. Tanzanite- it is known as the Stone of Magic. Its high vibrational energy invites protection and safety in linking with higher realms.
33. Andalusite- is used to ward off negativity. It clears blockages and holes within the subtle body opening a clear channel between the highest and lowest chakras. A Perfect stone for manifestation.


Each Illapa Chakana comes with a Watana.

Handmade for Only ZAR 1333.33