Plasma Chakana


Plasma- transmits the frequency of a Bluish to green colour and holds the intention of the
fourth state of matter. The human body is capable of a biological ionization alchemical process
that generates the internal Plasma light and builds the etheric Light body structure for the
higher consciousness bodies to function.

The Chakana is a stepped cross shape constructed to a very precise and sacred geometric formula. The
word Chakana is based on the Quechua word “chakay,” which means “acting as a bridge”.
The Chakana represents all five elements; in the north is air, the south is water, the east is fire and the
west is earth. The center represents the fifth Element, the circle of life and the center of the Universe.
The Chakana is a metaphysical bridge and represented through Pachamama as the three worlds:
 The Ukhu Pacha or the sub conscious and inner world, the underworld, the dead as well as new
life; the animal symbol is snake.
 The Kay Pacha or normal consciousness, the perceptible present world where people, animals,
and plants all inhabit; the animal symbol is puma.
 The Hanan Pacha or the super conscious, the upper world, the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars,
the planets and constellations; the animal symbol is condor.
Within these steps are held the principles that characterize human experience:
 Munay – the ability to love,
 Llankay – the ability to work or to take action and
 Yachay – the ability to think or to gain wisdom.
The Chakana ultimately connects you into 5th dimensional awareness, a frequency in which distorted
perceptions cannot thrive.

Plasma Chakana

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